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Originally from Uxbridge, Ontario, Tom Hanley began his musical journey as the singer/guitarist in a slew of pop punk bands with “terrible names,” performing at high school parties. It was there he fell in love with playing in bands and writing music. In college, he started a six piece funk band, JUICE, recording and touring for eight years. After years of deliberation, countless wedding band gigs, and 60 songs written later, he’s ready to share his debut single, “Overnight.”

Together with songwriter/producer Nixon Boyd (Hollerado, Dizzy), Hanley has taken the first steps to establish his sound and production aesthetic as a solo artist. “Overnight” was written right at the beginning of the pandemic. It’s about the first few days of lockdown and how it felt like everything was changing so fast and we had no control. It’s also the title of his forthcoming album.

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